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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  February 6, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> there is number 50, checked into the game. >> there is detail on offense at mississippi state. >> of course, they're expecting things from time. this is a time for florida to job the lead. >> there is a rare for mississippi state to play without vernado and augustus at the same time. very unusual line up. >> there is the third of the game, big for florida and
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normally not a big storer. >> johnson misses everything. that is a sur vice. shots 43% from behind the arc. there is is long, long is there is walker, a lot of turnovers in the last hand full of games. for the point man for the gators he's been great. he's the guy that made the shot to beat alabama in the last game. there is was nine seconds to go. >> there is now osby for the fourth shot.
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and when you do that, legs are the most important thing. >> barry stewart. the senior have fr shellbiville. and there is the lone starter there in mississippi state. working into the line. over to osby. >> there is in the fourth
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there is numbers for fla with no interior offense for the bull dogs in the game. the gators do it and play the d and get the rebound. >> free throws for parsons when we come back.
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welcome back, everyone. just krosd over the 12 minute mark here in the first half. mississippi state and florida meeting for the only time this season during regular year. mississippi state have had big time troubles from behind the arc. >> they're losing those games. >> and there is something upon which they relie heavily. when shooting that kind of settings they're going to have a tough time winning games.
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>> this 34 of them with three-pointers. is that by design? >> they go behind and feel they have to shoot for threes to get them. and there is something that fluctuates during the course of the game, right? if there is a lot that is going to fall behind, right? there is a big play. there is jarvis varnado back into the game. there is a run out. he's out. gators had three on two breaks
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and there is macklin to go to the three three line. >> there is a turnover. the ball is lose. he's a first guy to it. as a result the guys in the white uniforms get it right. >> they're going to say that was not in the act of shooting. >> yes. macklin throwing to parseons. there is a lot of work to do here, eric. vanardo is back in the game, and rested. knocks from behind on interior defense. mississippi state keeps the basketball. and interest there is a brait time to shoot the three.
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and scrambling for the ball. and there is he really where he's coming into his own this, year. >> there is a past point. and can't capitalize on the open look. there is varnado for three. there is a contrast. fla and they only shoot 31% from downtown. that is unusual. he's fouled and will go back to the free throw line. >> and there in that left lane,
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long arms, long leg autos parsons only 67% from the free throw line. he shoots with such confidence. and two thirds of the attempts find the bottom of the net. >> and there is mr. johnson frequency of substitutions in the first half usually tell you the coach is concerned about the how they're playing from the last game. most coaches i think are applying that here in, this one. >> there is where you're going see nine players in the game. there is what defense plays. >> there is reaction so far in
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this game. most reliable inside player. there is brown, 29 times on a whistle. going to be fouled. and there is where they're going to call
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ains nation's
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act our sec network studio, auburn at arkansas. hogs have won three if a row. markis brit with six in this game. hogs try to make it four straight in the sec. they trail auburn. >> welcome back, everyone here to gainsville, florida. and how about those arkansas razor backs? currently tied but using -- losing as we speak. >> arkansas without their best player for the first games of the year, they've been very, very good. and there is a a schedule not as tough as sm. so... arkansas got to watch for them. >> there is off the inbound. there is two for four. jumps and making it with parseons on the offensive rebound.
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>> that is like a shot to walker plague a lot of it thursday against alabama won the game for them in the end. that is looks like a shot with no legs. there is never met a shot he didn't like. >> there is seven for three-point range. there is a a de-second violation. trying to get frustrated. and this is all the time. there is the varnado the
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seventh rebound of the ball game. and kobi augustus, another rebund for varnado. augustus with two early fouls and there is last 10 minutes at game time. >> there is one for four when he went out and there is not a florida gator game as we can see. there is tyus they dmot shoot it... >> there is a use of the three-point shot. 15 does not have the personality to take advantage of it. >> there is a nice match up right here. >> this is forcing it to take
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shots away from the gold. there is since then, he he was being pushed further away. there is kodi on the bench. and rick would confer he'd been in between the line. there is this freshman from the sedan. there is fla town by three. >> there is a seven up to the base. mississippi state playing a trip to hawaii now. second annual diamond head classic.
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watch mississippi state battle teams like hawaii, baylor and more. visit diamondhead for details. >> and there is we enter on the treatment. >> right place to go during that time of the year. >> and there is a problem. a difficult situation. there is a he wants to get his third right away. >> there is maybe 20 seconds bee lochl he leads just out for a heartbeat. >> florida is by warner. and there is out by the half court line. we're going to have a foul. second foul on bost.
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he says don't take me out. he doesn't want to be taken out of the game. >> there is likes like this are very important. there are many close games in this conference this year. and bonl of the teams have been involved in lots and lots of coast games so. you know a kigs can make a big difference in the second half. he's keeping bost in the game. and there is florida with five to eight. there is a johnson from the elbo. this team, there is tyus. takes a basketball. here comes mississippi stay.
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johnson with the two.. >> there is some blinding speed with the small team right now they've got down court that time. >> johnson is filled lanes nicely in the first half with 11 points lead either side. >> there is defense not allowing anything easy on the ia little bit out of control. here comes jarvis varnado off the bench. >> there is shipman. nice on the inside. there is a triple drive. that is what shipman can do.
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>> and stewart fired it up. there is the foul. got to love that. coast to coast.
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3:26 remaining here in the first half. time now to go inside of the play. coach? what do you have? >> excitement of the fast break has begun. and right here, mississippi state all over at the depensive end. they organized the break with three lanes and to rayburn johnson on the right side in
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that spectacular dunk is transition offense at its best. >> this is mississippi state. look at this. there is important categories and there is field goal percentage allowed. how about the bigger raiser down low. there is only one block so far in this game. for them. you know, we've talked before the game, eric about this is going to be a close one. you can see it's not been disappointing. there is impression by both teams, excellent athlete six. there is a is now we're going to have a whistle going for loose ball. >> oh, my goodness. are you kidding me? there is vernon macklin.
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he wants to show he can do something. blocks varnado's shot. everybody hustling. wow. did he get a piece of that? he got all of it, huh? >> what action on the glass. there is mississippi basketball down by three. go inside. there is an extra pass to varnado. outside, johnson. sweeps. and goodness. that got to make shots, huh? >> this was a lay up that turned into a three. and there is a score, a long two. 13 points now for florida there is a turnover giving it right back. there is a chance to take the
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lead. mississippi state playing in first place and tied for arkansas. and he's stronger. and lead for varndo. there is a foul. and varndow within the exact sail position. went up not strongly enough. this time he makes certain that ball goes into the basket. he is fouled by and there is the best face player on this team. >> there is one hand before this time got within two. 63% free thrower. there is basketball. sec. there is there is 10 points
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now throughout the career. walker defense. evidence in this game. and there is the bench for both teams. two men, first half. >> lost two consecutives against mississippi state. macklin. shot clock down to six. comes against the ball and once you get the ball there, you're going to pick up on the glass. if you miss there is offensive rebound. there is a shot.
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he was gogt free throw line. off with a foul with it. coming up half time report give you an idea of how arkansas is doing. they're taking on auburn tyker team. arkansas looking for their fourth win. kentucky taking on lsu later today. we'll preview that one. out of the big east, georgetown against villanova. there is the top 10. and you've got to figure kentucky of course and tennessee and vandy have a lot within the ncaa tournament. games after that have a lot of work to do to see what happens. and that becomes selection sunday as well. and maybe, arkansas number one.
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south carolina i'd thereof see them just because they've got the player in 31 games so far this year. there is one minute to play. down by two. there is offense, and gives them back. there is tlots retire. can you store in traffic? there is 27 a piece. there is a young player aos only iy. time for him and this is a shot and there
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is gators scoring twice. walker points. they can get another chance. and that is going to end the first half of play. visitors enjoying their trip to gainsville. they lead by two. >> and we've reached intermission, when we return, right after the break.
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there is a two-paint gain in gainsville. alongside the bomb squadder barry booker g to have with you us. let's get around the sec quickly. auburn taking on arkansas. a surjing team. first half tiger downs by one. and dwyane reed k not cannot leave him alone. >> attempts are from tree-point range. >> arkansas down two in the first half. arkansas feeds to have back to a one-point margin. you like threes? check out this game. there is 38-36 at the break. and there is wad watd somehow villanova and georgetown get
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to the gym in time for the game. and the 18-3 for hoyas make a 46-25 lead in this game. jason clark had a career high 24. hoi yaz up by 18. now, 74-5. and georgetown just walking away with this contact. closer in the second half. julian vaughn in, traffic. draws a foul and a play. moias win 03-90. deshawn wuter on st. johns. justin barre wl. a 20-2 run for the owe johnnies. went by 11 at the break. butler got hot. seven threes in this game aichl 19-2 run. this is to power the three-point shot. seven for seven. made three throws, too. and season high, 33 for butler and 0 wins over the johnnies
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to mountaineers. duck taking on boston college. there is nolan smith finishing with a lay up. good look. and duke takes a lead by one. first half still bc down one. joe papany. there is boston college up 13-12 now, 19-18. they play on at the forum. and mcdermott rocking the pink. kansas state up by two. tennis clem meanty with a fast break lay up. then steps back knocking down a three. and k state up by five. iowa state claused to within one. craig braken stringing cyclone nootz lead, 4-13 after that. now, square at 21. and mississippi state is on the road in gainsville up by two over the florida gators. more on the half time report in just a moment.
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with barry booker from sec network studios. our late game today, number four kentucky raveling to baton rouge to take on lsu. cats won two in a row against sec since that loss to south carolina on january 26th. here is what they have coming up in the month of february with ranked opposition in tennessee and vanderbilt. and interest is kentucky showing few few kinks in the armor. talk about what they have ahead in february. >> the question about kentucky is this young team.
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when they go on the road, and they will, south carolina at tennessee then, at georgia there is a difficult stretch on the schedule k the team handle it on the road? there is everybody going to be fired up to see them. >> and there is john wall, one of the 11 finalists for the kuzy award has been everything for this team. >> he's done it all. he's hit a blilt of a lull last couple weeks but john wall is a dominant player dpeensively getting better and better and learning to run the show for the past as well. shooting it well from beyond the three-point line. there is mr. everything for the cats and tigers at lsu a phenomenal approach for him. and ask score around the basket. and barry good away from the basket as well. mitchen on the 2006 final four
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club is the tight spot for this lsu club. >> if he's on pace to do it. here, you can see numbers and kentucky leading confence in scoring and rebounding and in three-point field goal percentage that. is our late game on the sec network, today. also on the schedule alabama taking on number 25, ole miss. rebels coming off a loss at kentucky. south carolina, tennessee and vandy six ask one in league play. fwook our gaimt game in just a moment.
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welcome back to the cellular south half time report. mississippi state on the road has got a two-point lead over the florida gators here at half time. there is bob wenzel, i'm eric collins. nice performance by mississippi state. >> this is did he fence very
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good. >> and despite the fact they didn't have many shot blocks they played great defense to 30% in the first half. the story of the game so far. >> we'll take a look at the first half stats getting you up to spee.d there is johnson and they're scoring in the break, not uncommon. florida not getting back well in this game. florida's end, alex tyus not visible early. and there is a play hitting three of the jumpers. and this is absent are the two guards, erving walker and boynton. they're one for 11 so far that. could spell disaster. >> take a look at the first half sets tlchl is nothing like it. you can see 30% field goal
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shootings for florida. >> that i is right. up from right. 30%. lower left. 15 points off turnovers for mississippi state. those two stats go with one another. and in six games, fla won five of those. the guards were, both guards nrk double dig figures. >> there is a long way to go. >> walker have combined for one field goal. they're one for 11 as a unit them did struggle on thursday against alabama in the first half. able to flip the switch. >> this have been lots of games this year. two of them into the 30s. in that trech they have been in double figures in those games except the loss. >> so nothing has been decided. here is the o dome in gainsville. we'll get it started? n.just a moment.
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welcome back, everyone. sec network basketball here in gainsville, florida home standing gators trailing mississippi state by two. we get ready to start the second half. now, florida, and the bunch they're used to playing closely contested games. take a look at the minutes. these are seven games. they were one possession games. sometimes it's a one two,, or three-point game. they've come out on top
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against michigan state. lost to both richmond and south alabama. beat nc state and south carolina on the heroics then, lost to tennessee and beat alabama. so very, very tight games in sec for florida and would expect the same in this game there. is mr. parseons. make a 75 foot shot to beat sc state. he had a heroic game this year. >> same starting five on the floor from florida. and there they need to get going.
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walker, florida taking a mississippi state basketball. and there is is a teerjs making it in a row. hits, ouch. >> that is the way you alpine them. and this is to get 24 down. and there is a block just inside. gets the role. over tyus. good answer from the sophomore from north carolina. >> he has that nature, no doubt about it. fox demonstrate that had numerous times this season. almost got them to win at vandy the other night. free throw jumper may have been lost. it's going to be misstate basketball. great basketball. the ball went out of bounds. it's mississippi state
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basketball. >> there is another ball loose along the base line. >> what ago on this base line? >> the shot is taken. it's hit.
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stop vernon macklin who has been sensational in the second half.
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32 continues. first, vernon macklin. now, it's mississippi state, 32. hanc the three-point playwe r


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